A recession is one of the worst things that can happen in any economy, and you should always stay prepared to counteract it. A recession is almost as bad as natural calamities, as it destroys a human being from the inside, but unlike a natural calamity, a recession always shows warnings upon its arrival. If you have just started your job and full with energy, then this is the prime time to take care of all the debts and make proper savings to counteract the recession if it ever hits. Before you start spending all of your salary, you should always sit down and fix a monthly budget. 

Making a monthly budget is not enough, as you should stick to your budget. Sticking to a budget is quite difficult and it will take some time but once you maintain your budget and cut off unnecessary additional expenses, you will surely start saving your required amount of money. You should never leave your retirement account based on the market’s volatility. The following points will help you to counteract recession whenever it arrives:

  • You should concentrate your time and focus on what you can control, and not on what can’t be. For example instead of sulking when recession his, you should plan to counteract such a situation beforehand. Firstly you should control your expenditures and try to save some amount of money every month. Next is to access your job security. If you are struck down by recession, you should be prepared enough to start giving interviews within a few days of unemployment. You should upload your resumes online so that the whole world can see how you perform at your office. 
  • The best way to counteract recession is to have an emergency fund worth the amount of at least three to five months of salary. This emergency fund is going to pay your bills and provide warm food in your belly if recession ever hits. You should stay prepared to counteract long term recessions also. 
  • No matter what you should always stay cautious about your expenditures. It is often seen among the younger employees that they spend way too much of their salary on unnecessary items rather than saving it up for the future. You are not being told to stop spending at all, you should just spend more cautiously and try to minimise the unnecessary expenditures. 

If you keep these points in your mind, you are going to survive the recession without any problems whatsoever. 

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